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Whether you want to send 100 Million emails one time or three times for immediate response or nurture your leads using drip marketing we can accommodate your needs. Our comprehensive and fully automated sales-lead generation program puts prospecting resources into play that will easily keep you or your reps on top of their big targets. Who knew that creating Top Of Mind Awareness could be so simple and painless?

Your Account Manager will meet with you to understand your goals and current processes and manage the leads and target accounts you want us to pursue on your behalf. They will coordinate with your team throughout the process.

We will customize all messaging based on your value proposition and present for your approval to ensure we properly represent you in the marketplace.

SalesTiger will use today's automation tools to create warm calls for you or your sales team. Identify and supply your list of high-value prospects, and then kick in the SalesTiger lead generation system into process.

You will easily double the number of high-value appointments and opportunities to quote with prospects that buy on value not price. Focus the SalesTiger system on these targets, and you'll be increasing sales and profits in no time.

We're with you every step of the way doing system training once a week during the first month twice a week during the second month and once a month thereafter to insure your success. We are available any time if you want to add new target accounts, make changes, have questions or need coaching advice - just let us know what you need.

We supply the prospects

We supply a quality list of prospects for you based on your criteria. We give you Name / Title / Physical Address / Email Address / Phone Number / Website Address / SIC Code / SIC Description and much more...

You probably have a good handle on your current clients or customers and you can most likely define what your best prospects look like but do you have a good quality list of who they actually are?

SalesTiger has a database of over 150 million companies with over 200 million contacts. We have an equal number of consumer contacts as well.

With SalesTiger you NEVER pay for bad data because we know our data is 85% accurate so we inflate the number of prospects you begin with (over the number you decide to start with) to insure you never pay for bad data and we fix or replace any bad data we find immediately.

You give us your criteria:

Geography - States / Counties / Metro Areas / Zip Codes / Radius from an address you name we have it.

Vertical Market - Give us your SIC Codes / Industries / NAICS Codes / Lawyers / Accountants / Sales Organizations / Non Profits / Medical virtually any vertical market we have you covered.

Titles - C Level (CEO / CFO / CIO) / President / Vice President / Human Resources / IT (Information Technology) / Office Manager Any level contact you want we have it.

Size Of Business - Revenue / Number of Employees / Square Footage

Consumers - Income level / Age / Home Owner


We supply all your content or use your own. Our design team will custom create all content based on your criteria. We create all content (Emails, Direct Mail, Landing pages, Request A Quotes, Articles, Case Studies, Videos) everything you will need to generate quality leads. We will generate samples of content based on the pain points your prospects experience, the benefits your product or service provide or the advantages of doing business with your organization. We will then send these samples to you for review make any edits you request and then were ready to go. NOTHING will ever be sent out prior to approval!

SalesTiger has been doing this for a very long time and we understand the demographics of your prospects based on your geographic market area, level of contact, age, income etc. We know from our extensive experience that what works best is Humor, Goodwill and Education, but again nothing will ever go out without your prior approval.

Please see our content sample page to check out some of our creative work:

CRM (Database)

The SalesTiger lead generation system comes with a full blow (CRM)Customer relationship management system to stay organized as your business grows or if you already have a CRM and want to continue to use yours no problem no need to use ours.

One place. Every contact.

With SalesTiger customer tracking software, you'll know key details about every customer-right down to their last purchase or conversation with you-and impress them with incredible customer service and personalized messages. It's the professionalism and polish of a company with an entire marketing department, with the personal touch of your small business. That's the power of our small business CRM.

Contact management

Collect data about your leads and organize your contacts to save hours of work. Easily upload, store, and manage detailed individual records that include:

  • Contact information
  • Orders and account balance
  • Lead source and lead score
  • Task and appointment history
  • Website activity history
  • Interactions with your brand

Calendar and task management

SalesTiger offers tools that bring sanity to your chaotic life. Organize, prioritize, and work through your sales activities - all in one place. You can:

  • Manage your appointments
  • Link tasks to individual contacts
  • Automatically generate tasks based on contacts' behavior
  • Set reminders for tasks
  • Streamline your workday

Data management

Drowning in a sea of contacts? SalesTiger CRM software simplifies and speeds up data management, so you start enjoying the benefits faster:

  • Add contacts on-the-go from your mobile device
  • Get help importing data into the platform
  • Update, edit, export, or trigger automation in batches
  • Automatically check for duplicate records

SalesTiger Mobile

Manage contacts any time, anywhere. SalesTiger Mobile works where you work, how you work, with features designed for small businesses on the go:

  • Upload, access, and edit contact information
  • Add tags to trigger automated follow-up
  • Communicate with customers
  • View, create, and complete tasks

Lead Scoring

The good news about the SalesTiger System is that it can help you attract a high volume of leads. The challenge then becomes, how do you separate the good, quality leads from the people who are just starting to look around? That's where lead management, and specifically, lead scoring comes in. With lead scoring, you can attach values to each of your leads based on their behavior, demographics or interactions they've exhibited with the campaigns we have sent out or on the landing pages we have built for you or even on your own website.

With the SalesTiger system you get lead scoring. With lead scoring, you can spend more time following up with HOT LEADS that are ready to become customers and less time with people who will never buy. Assign a score to every contact based on:

  • Behaviors
  • Demographics
  • Interactions

**Forrester Research:

** "79% of leads never convert into sales and not having a lead nurturing process that separates the cold leads from the warm ones is the barrier. Companies that excel at this generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost."

TOMA - Top Of Mind Awareness

Quick, name a soft drink.

Maybe you said Coca-Cola; perhaps it was Dr. Pepper or 7Up. Either way, the soda that you picked obviously has a strong, memorable branding strategy. Analysts have spent their time, energy and countless kilowatts of brainpower trying to create a measurable way to rank brands by how memorable they are. If only they'd have thought to just ask people. Then, they might have stumbled on a little thing called top-of-mind awareness(TOMA)

Top-of-mind awareness (or TOMA) is a pretty simple concept with pretty major implications. When consumers are asked which products or brands come to mind first when a particular business sector is mentioned, the one they choose is at their "top of mind".

Remember our soft drink question we just asked you? The soda that you named has earned its way to the top of your mind. If we asked you to name a fast food chain, a type of smartphone, or a kind aspirin, the same theory would apply. The concept of being "top of mind" is as uncomplicated as that, and the best part is it's completely measurable.

SalesTiger has the plan to get you and your company to the top of your prospects minds. We will make sure that your prospects think of you first when they're in need of your product or service - no matter how far into the future that may be. That being said, you need a long-term plan of attack to not just get "top of mind", but also stay there.

Understand this is a marathon not a sprint. According to Chilton Research, it takes minimally 7 touches to gain "top of mind awareness" and minimally 7 touches per year to maintain "top of mind awareness". Chilton also found that 15% of buyers would buy your product or services within the first 3 months of knowing who you are 24% within 4 to 6 months 34% within 7 to 12 months and 27% more then 12 months later. The reality is over 60% of your potential customers are waiting over 6 months to make a final decision, it's essential you stay fresh in their minds over that period. If not, you'll have done nothing but create a lead for someone else to close.

SalesTiger not only helps you gain "Top Of Mind Awareness" we insure you stay there and we do it in the most cost effective way!

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